MeetThePro Ltd. developed a platform in which two groups of people interact: the amateur players and the professional players, the latter must be in one of the rankings or in active competition.

Once the amateur selects a professional for a date, at a location, at the price determined, a pre-reservation is made and MeetThePro opens an internal messaging program, which guarantees privacy. The amateur can only be contacted by this means with the professional and vice versa, not using personal contacts.

Through MeetThePro, all details of the meeting are coordinated, including the options of the different venues to play, their cost, and the time of the day. The Pro has the last word to choose the most convenient place and who must make the necessary arrangements to book the venue. The related expenses will be borne by the amateur. They agree the details of the game, and the pro gives the status of pending to the reservation and the amateur must pay, once payed the event is “approved” then they meet and play, but it is not a class, or a training session. The terms and conditions accepted by the amateur include the subject of education, behavior and the rules of etiquette that govern the meeting, so that there are no problems.

MeetThePro is responsible for charging the amateur the amount of the meeting and, once finished, we make the payment to the professional by the means that he has previously indicated (e.g. bank transfer, PayPal or others). he software will be available in several languages to enable it to operate globally. We invite you to be part of this new EXPERIENCE!